Usually, my excerpts are only read by compilers and executed transformed in machine code by now lightening-fast CPUs to the benefit of all kinds of users. Writing code in – more or less – formal languages is still the authoring in which I’m most multi-lingual, fluent, and proliferate.


Having lived now for decades and continue to live through many – god and bad, joyful and painful – moments of my professional life as application developer, technical project leader, architect, coder/hacker, mentor, and teacher/evangelist using technologies, languages, computers, and methods still alive and/or long gone, nudges me some thoughts related to the collected and cherished experiences. If the thoughts by merit rise to insights, all the more beneficial AND rewarding.

When ‘sharing’ is not just blaring for attention, it may be motivated by self-less-ness… you think – but watch out, in my case sharing includes a healthy and not so bad portion of self-service. I expect to get challenged to stay ‘young’, up-to-date, and connected to what is going on. What about reality check?

Enjoy the blogs and live your (com)passion!

Looking forward to plow through comments that take either side – of the coin. If head or tail is not working for you for something, just let the coin stand on one of the rim with its imaginary tangential planes, unveiling one of the ‘unexpected’ but surprising and exciting third to oo (infinite) sides…

AD 2013 – markus


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