uck.js – puck light. BLE iBeam the size of a coat button! …2 more hours to go on kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gfw/puckjs-the-ground-breaking-bluetooth-beacon (and if you are too late, np, fun is there: espruino.com). – Enjoy!


If you need some make-up to boost a bland HTML Web page, resorting to (quite script/function oriented) jQuery is the ‘right’ thing do. I say this in favor of jQuery even though dojo/dijit can do that too to – some extent.

When you need or want to write a client-side application with very dynamic, (meta) data driven UI layout and UI logic – or even a Web 2.0 application in Single Page Architecture (SPA) where all is written in JavaScript and executed in the browser except the backend services – you are better off with a framework or toolkit that implements all the concepts and paradigms you find in successful, matured, and hardened large software systems…

Your bias shows blatantly…’ I hear you muttering…
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XP, TDD, BDD, Agile… are great accelerators in what you do! 

Only when when you emerging yourself in the business domain and robust coding to deepen your understanding while developing and in doing so you organize yourself by applying methods, you will reap the method’s promised fruits.

You need a cake to put icing on! Proficiency – or growing – in subject matter knowledge and robust coding is the cake, and the method the icing.

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